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Welcome to the home of Texas Megafish Adventures! If you are searching for guided alligator gar fishing stop here. Texas is the best place for alligator gar fishing in the world, nowhere else do populations of trophy alligator gar exist which are suitable for rod and reel alligator gar fishing. There are several alligator gar guides around, and I, Dawson Hefner am one of the best. I offer guided trophy alligator gar trips. As a well seasoned and experienced angler, I am the alligator gar guide to call for an alligator gar fishing trip. If you would like more information about alligator gar fishing in Texas please contact me by phone or e-mail today!  Look me up on Facebook for reports. Link located on bottom left of this page. Thanks, Dawson

For more information call 
Dawson Hefner @ 903-721-4296
Dawson with a couple nice alligator gar caught fishing the Trinity River
Left 6'9"

Right 5'6"

A few years back I had Texas Parks and Wildlife along with me filming some live action alligator gar fishing. 

 Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, Allen, Jason, John Kayla, you guys are great!
Check out the article by David Graham in this edition of Fishing Headquarters Magazine where David talks about some of the difficulties faced on the Trinity River as well as alligator gar fishing in general. David also has some good things to say about me in there. Thanks for looking, you can find it here. Article starts on page 30. Check out the rest of the issue for some other outstanding rough fish information. 
I use the following gear for alligator gar fishing: Eagle Claw Hooks, Cortland Masterbraid Line, Sufstrand by American Fishing Wire, Penn Fishing Reels either 309’s or 8500 Live Liners, and Penn rampage rods. I am not sponsored by any of these products. All of them have served me well for alligator gar fishing over the years and I recommend them to anyone for a variety of applications. These products have stood up for me, and stood up to the beating they take from the fish.
In the fall of 2015 I got the opportunity to work with Joe Cermele from Field and Stream Hook Shots and his pal Mike Sudal. We had a rough time the first time around due to the flooding we experienced here last year. You can check out the video here.

Check out the other great Hook Shots episodes while you are at it, lots of good material. You would also do well to look up Mike Sudal's illustration work, rumor has it he is pretty good ;) -Dawson