DJ and James with a 6'9.5" Alligator Gar
DJ with 1st of the day, nothing wrong with starting small!
DJ and Jim with DJ's 54" alligator gar
Jim's 60" alligator gar, solid fish there!
Jason's 6'7" Alligator Gar
Its going airborne.
5'9" at Night!
One of JimB's three trophies of the day coming in.
Jim B With a 6'10" Monster!
Jim B's 5'8"
Do not put your hand in there!
JimB's Dinosaur
It is a monster!
Justin's 6'6"
Lawson with a good start.
Released to grow bigger.
Lawson with a 5'6"
Lawson's 6'10" Thrashing, it put up a good fight!
Lawson with his 6'10"
Richard and his 6'7"
Another angle of Richard's 6'7"
Richard's 5'9" 
His first after 2 years of trying, he was a happy man.
My first ever, 54"
66" My wife would have got this one if she was not napping.
I am glad my waist does not look like that.
6'9" Lunch time gator gar.
My first over 6'
My 2nd over 6', same day as the first. To date the hardest fighter I have come across. Took away my snare, circled the boat 4 times, once with the snare but I finally got it.
He did not have the same appreciation for my upholstery that I did. Literally covered the day before.
Melanistic Alligator Gar, released to fight again!
Proof the melanisitc gar survived, it is seen here eating a drum that it caught AFTER being captured earlier in the day.
My wife with a 4.5' Alligator Gar
True enough its pretty small, but there many miles of water and mud covered to get this guy. Some days your just glad not to get skunked. Thanks little guy.
Two small alligator gar at the same time, dirty work!
A nice fish, 5'4"
Manoj and Rodger with Manojs' 80 pound fish. 1 of 6 fish for the day.
26 lbs
80 lbs est
28 lbs
35 lbs
40 lbs
20 lbs
35 lbs
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