Booking and Trip Details
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Dawson Hefner @ 903-721-4296
Alligator Gar Trips  
Rates and Details for 2022

I will provide everything needed for you to enjoy your alligator gar fishing trip except lunch, drinks, and a valid Texas fishing license. You may bring your own cooler for your lunch and drinks or I will supply one. I suggest bringing a pair of polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, a light rain suit, a hat, and a change of clothes for each day. Meeting arrangements can be arranged about a week out from your trip, either on location or at an arranged spot. 

Rate is $625 per day for two anglers and $650 for three. I require a non refundable $250 deposit for each day of your alligator gar trip. Ex, a two day alligator gar fishing trip requires a $500 dollar deposit. The deposit is non-refundable unless the trip is canceled by me. If needed trips can be rescheduled after initial deposit as long as 24 hour notice is given, however with rescheduling the deposit will not be refunded. 

​For anglers desiring to fish four or more days please contact me with as much notice as possible, I will add extra services and pricing if this is desired, again please contact me for more details in this case. 

License Information 
​If interested in purchasing your fishing license online ahead of your guided alligator gar trip click here. Nonresidents of Texas will need license code 214 or 250 depending on length of stay. 214 is best for 1-3 days, cost is $16 per day. 250 is best for 4 or more days anticipated freshwater fishing in Texas, cost is $58.00. Cost of license is not included in guided trip rates unless otherwise stated. 

​Additional Information
 Anglers should wear loose fitting, breathable clothing that can get slimed and dirty, most likely a combination of both. Temperatures will range from 50's to low 100's in mid afternoon depending on the season. It is not a bad idea to pack a sweatshirt for early spring and late fall. Anglers should always pack a lite rain suit whether or not rain is expected. River access points consist of nothing besides an area to park and a dilapidated boat ramp. There are no restrooms etc. near the river or launch site. Expect to get dirty on your trip both from holding fish and because it is impossible to avoid it in the river bottoms. We catch a lot of fish, so the boat sometimes reflects that .I don't want to discourage anyone from a trip, but I think it is best enjoyed with an idea of what the environment consists of.